Are we stopping ourselves from stopping climate change?

Unstuck: A Documentary

Thinking about climate change can feel frustrating.

Climate change worsens

More frequent and severe climate impacts are increasingly impacting Americans

Source: NASA

We feel scared

75% of youth around the world feel that the future is frightening due to climate change 66% of Americans feel worried about climate change

Source: The Lancet and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

We disagree on solutions

Americans are (politically) divided on what solutions work, and who should be responsible for them

Source: Pew Research and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

We feel stuck

But that's not the whole story. Americans agree more than ever on the reality of climate change, and we're seeing historical investments in solutions across the country.

We set out to find those solutions — and get unstuck.

Interviewees (among many others)

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Climate skeptic port director that speared hundreds of millions of climate adaptation

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Solutions moderate that spent 30 years working for Chevron

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Church leaders in flood ravaged reason, building the countries first resilience hub

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Ex-O&G employee with a family business installing solar

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Sam & Vince

Tech founders in SF building the future of at home climate solutions

Neither of us actually do this as our full time jobs.

We were just extremely and unusually nerdsniped about this topic for a year, and felt like we had to make this film.

Anson Yu

Co-director, Cinematographer, Editor

Anson is an agent of chaos. She has worked on a wide array of software products, hired teams at a venture fund, worked on safety infrastructure at a car-free city, and farmed virality for a super PAC. She is current studying engineering at the University of Waterloo and will be working on nuclear fusion. She is interested in the history of technology, and how to expand the realm of what is possible in the name of human agency and fairness.

Special talent: Can sleep anywhere

Lyn Stoler

Co-director, Researcher, Producer

Lyn spent her education and early career working on biology and healthcare. Recently, curiosity & frustration have pulled her towards human-first climate solutions. She is now the founder of, where she applies her background in research to tell real, evidence-based stories about climate solutions. Prior, she was the Strategic Director for the UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions, where she translated academic research into real-world solutions.

Special talent: Can listen to an infinite amount of true crime (It's disturbing -Anson)

But it takes a village to produce a documentary. A shoutout to some of our amazing advisors



Partner at the Cool Climate Collective and for Solutions: The Game. Previous Program Director of



Emmy-nominated documentary producer known for The Social Dilemma (2020), The Human Element (2018), Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back (2016)



Co-founder and executive producer at Portal A, an award-winning content company that creates original series, feature films, podcasts and digital entertainment.



Award winning cinematographer and director with work in The New York Times, The National Geographic Channel, Netflix, Channel 4, ShowTime, HBO, ESPN, VICE, MTV.


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